Early Childhood Education - Web 2.0 Links

General Information Links

2011 Winter Conference Presentation - a PPT version of the Winter Conference Presentation
MS Office Shortcuts
Sue McGeary's Web 2.0 Links

General Resources

Student Randomizer - Randomize students when calling on them
StumbleUpon - Search for new Resources Online

Interactive Games

Starfall Games - Various interactive games targeting Pre-K through 2nd Grade
Explore Learning - Learning Gizmos for Math and Science Content
VoiceThread - Add voice comments and text to images - Student Example

Class Course Sharing

Edublogs - A blog for sharing course content - Class Example
Wikispaces - Multimedia collaborative pages for K12 Education
Elluminate - Work collaboratively online - Sample Session

Virtual Fieldtrips

Khufu's Pyramid - a 360 degree tour of the inner chamber